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What does normal poop look like?

While poop may be an embarrassing topic to broach, it is a great picture of your digestive health. If you have wondered if your poop is normal, you aren’t alone. So what does normal poop look like? Here are some tips to help you figure out if your poop is normal!

What types of poop are there?

The Bristol stool chart is what your health practitioner uses to assess your bowel movements. The chart has seven different types of bowel movements that help your doctor understand your stool’s shape and consistency. The types of bowel movements are broken down into the following types:

  • Type one: separate hard lumps (very constipated)
  • Type two: sausage shape and lumpy (slightly constipated)
  • Type three: sausage shape with cracks on the surface (normal)
  • Type four: smooth, soft, and snake-like (normal)
  • Type five: soft blobs with clear edges (lacking in fiber)
  • Type six: mushy consistency with ragged edges (mild diarrhea)
  • Type seven: Entirely liquid and/or watery (diarrhea)

Types one and two indicate you are constipated and are usually more difficult to pass. Log or snake-shaped poop is a sign that your poop is normal and healthy. These shapes are typical of types three and four and are easy to pass.

What color should my poop be?

Healthy poop will have a brown hue as long as it is a shade of brown, no matter how light or dark, it is considered normal. Depending on what foods you consume, the color may temporarily change.

Black Poop

Some causes of black stool include:

  • Recently taking a bismuth-based medication like Pepto Bismal
  • Taking iron supplements
  • Eating large amounts of black food like licorice

If you experience black stool and none of the above apply to you, it is best to seek medical attention. This is because black stool that appears like tar can sometimes be a sign of internal bleeding.

Green Poop

Finding a little of the color green in your daily bowel movement is typically not a reason for concern. This is common if you have a diet heavy on leafy greens. However, if the color becomes prominent, it is a sign that your bowel movements are moving too quickly through your digestive system.

Red Poop

Beets and tomatoes tend to turn poop red when eaten in large quantities. However, if your stool appears bloody and/or bright red, it could mean that you have hemorrhoids. However, if it appears in large amounts, it could signify that something serious is happening in your digestive tract. This is a good time to call your doctor to get it checked out.

Yellow Poop

Adults who experience greasy and stinky poop that appears yellow have probably had too much fat to eat. It could also signify that your body isn’t able to absorb all the nutrients out of your food before being expelled.

Pale or White Poop

Stool colors tend to vary greatly, however, pale or white poop is a sign that your body isn’t producing the proper amount of bile. Bile helps break down fats and aid in digestion. Some medications cause light-colored stool. Ask a health practitioner if you aren’t sure what is causing this color.

How long should it take to poop?

Passing a normal stool should take a couple of minutes. That means you are probably constipated if you spend more than ten minutes in the bathroom. If you find that you regularly have loose stools that keep you in the bathroom for a while, this could be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or some type of food intolerance.

Is it normal for my poop to float?

Bowel movements typically sink to the bottom of your toilet. However, floating poop is normal too. It is a sign that you have eaten gassy foods. If you find that your floating bowel movements are particularly stinky, it could be a sign of food intolerance.

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