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UBERDOC Plus protects you from wait times and medical bills for a few dollars a month.



Faster access and transparent prices for thousands of doctors nationwide.



Get the fastest access to doctors and protect yourself from medical bills for a few dollars a month.


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UBERDOC gives you faster access to the best doctors in your area and guarantees the price for you upfront so you never need to worry about surprise medical bills.

UBERDOC was founded by a surgeon so patient care and experience are at the heart of everything we do. Every doctor on UBERDOC is checked for credentials, licensing, hospital privileges, and malpractice cases. We also monitor user feedback on all of our doctors to ensure every patient has a great experience and gets the best care. 

The “UBER” in UBERDOC stands for the quality of doctors on our network…we’re not sure what else it would imply.

There isn’t one. Our doctors offer UBERDOC members priority access because they get paid directly by you. Without all the hassles and bureaucracy of insurance, you pay 10% less for appointments and doctors get paid faster. 

It’s a win-win!

Most insurance plans allow you to submit out-of-pocket medical expenses for reimbursement or deductibles. Every plan is different, so we can’t make any promises, but it’s been done successfully before and we’re always here to help.


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