UBERDOC Affordable Healthcare


Get the care you need, when you need it

Find + book online in just a few clicks

UBERDOC Affordable Healthcare


Get the care you need, when you need it

Find + book online in just a few clicks

UBERDOC for Groups, Hospitals, and Systems

Reduce Overhead & Improve Patient Satisfaction

Your patients want it all: convenience, price transparency, primary access to care, and more. 

UBERDOC gives your patients an easy way to connect with a doctor or specialist and adds an additional revenue stream to offset expenses – creating immediate value for you and your patients. 

On average, more than 30 percent of hospital and healthcare costs are due to administrative tasks – scheduling, billing, payment processing, and more. Not to mention insurance can deny payment or negotiate costs, increasing bad debt and affecting your bottom line. The processes within hospital systems have made us dependent on administrators. Add COVID-19, and hospitals are scrambling to update current processes, while also preparing for pent-up patient demand.

UBERDOC is designed to help patients get the care they need, when they need it, for a transparent price. Patients can easily schedule an appointment using their HSA or another form of payment, guaranteeing an immediate payment for the hospital even prior to the appointment or if the appointment is unexpectedly canceled. Price transparency is a national directive that is overwhelmingly supported by over 90 percent of people polled.

UBERDOC can allow you to eliminate the administrative costs associated with care delivery by providing patients with an easy-to-use, cost-effective online appointment scheduler that directly connects them with the doctor or specialist they need without the need for insurance or a referral.

Join UBERDOC today to remove obstacles to care for your patients and provide additional revenue to improve incremental cash flow that can offset operating expenses.

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UBERDOC is a convenient way for patients to connect with a doctor or specialist in your hospital for a transparent price. 

Patients have the option to pay for the appointment using their HSA or FSA and there are no network restrictions, delays, hidden member fees, surprise bills, or referrals needed. With more patients using employer-sponsored healthcare benefits like HSAs, UBERDOC is an additional option for patients to see the doctor or specialist they need in your hospital system using their HSA. Insurance can be used for subsequent care. 

Our model also reduces no-show rates, as patients put down $50 to reserve their appointment. 

Immediate Payment

… Even if a patient no-shows!

No Insurance Red Tape

Eliminates the need for insurance forms from patient onboarding.

Direct-Pay Patients

Drives new direct-pay patients to your providers.

This pricing model is compliant with the latest Price Transparency regulations from CMS, allowing hospital systems to easily show the public they are willing to accept new patients to their top specialists at a transparent price. 

With patients demanding both convenience and price transparency, now is the time to find a solution that can be beneficial and cost-effective for both you and the patient.

UBERDOC Doctors use telemedicine to provide telehealth services

How Does It Work?

Your doctors can easily accept appointments right from UBERDOC, eliminating the need for administrative staff to coordinate logistics and timing with the patient. Our platform also doesn’t require any integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR). 

Once the appointment has been accepted by the doctor – all it takes is a thumbs up – UBERDOC handles the rest. Our system:

Schedules the appointment

Bills & collects payment

Sends email reminders

All without any intervention or necessary paperwork from your staff. This is a drastic reduction in administrative processes that plagues current hospital environments. 

The current system requires: 

UBERDOC Supports Hospitals

And that is not including patient care! With UBERDOC, your doctors can focus on what they do best – care delivery – while we handle the rest.

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Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Not only does UBERDOC virtually eliminate costly overhead for your hospital system, but our model is also proven to increase patient satisfaction. We empower patients to prioritize their health, putting the power back in their hands with our simple, easy-to-use platform that directly connects them to your doctors and specialists. 


No phone calls, waiting, referrals, or network restrictions.


No monthly fee or annual membership. Transparent price with no surprise bills.


Intuitive platform that is accessible from any device.

UBERDOC does not require specialist referrals or additional paperwork, eliminating the additional wait time it typically takes to see a specialist. This can ultimately reduce unnecessary patient ER visits that are typically incredibly expensive to the bottom line.


Let’s Change the Status Quo

Let’s face it: the current healthcare system is broken. Now is the time to change the status quo with UBERDOC.

Download our eBook to learn why the current system is broken and what hospital systems can do to provide transparent, immediate access to care for their patients while improving their bottom line. 

Learn how to: 

  • Decrease costly and unnecessary administrative overhead
  • Improve patient satisfaction with direct access to care


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