UBERDOC for Employers

A New, Innovative Benefit Offering for Your Employees

Include UBERDOC in your Employee Benefits package. It’s a simple way for employees to get priority access to a specialist right away.

UBERDOC gives employees the opportunity to find a doctor in a timely manner without the hassle of insurance referrals or approvals. We offer online appointment booking 24/7 for in-person or telemedicine visits and employees can use their HSA/FSA or credit cards to pay for services. Subsequent care can be through insurance.

With a network of more than 3,000 board-certified doctors, UBERDOC adds more flexibility for your employees’ healthcare options and complements your overall benefits package.

UBERDOC and Direct Pay Medicine



Invisible to insurance without violating network arrangements.


Care plan is initiated immediately, no need for 3-4 appointments to receive care. 


Gives employees more choices for prompt care from board-certified doctors. 


Reduced employer health insurance cost. No out of network penalties.

We get it. Health insurance is expensive. And you and your employees need a clear path to more affordable options for care. 

That’s where UBERDOC comes in. We help your employees get connected to a doctor or specialist for a transparent price. There’s no need for insurance or referrals, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that your employees have more options for their care… and don’t have to waste their sick days on getting a referral to see the doctor they need. UBERDOC reduces the employer health insurance cost and increases access to care for your employees. In January 2021, UBERDOC was certified as a cost-saving value to employers by the Validation Institute. 

Employees expect more for their benefits beyond swag, snacks, or a free lunch– they want flexible healthcare options. UBERDOC provides this without any additional cost or insurance penalties. Our seamless platform and direct access relieves the burden of employees having to use personal time off for healthcare issues.


Give Your Employees the Benefits They Want

Benefits are one of the top reasons an employee would stay at (or leave) a job. Top priorities for employees today are flexibility and convenience. Employers that provide more flexible options are the ones that will come out on top – with happier, more productive employees. 

Our model works, and your employees will find that out fast, with our simple, easy-to-use platform that directly connects them to a doctor in their area. Whether they just relocated for a new opportunity, constantly travel for work or are on the hunt for a specialist, UBERDOC is there. We have a network of more than 3,000 board-certified doctors that are available for your employees. 

Your employees will turn to UBERDOC first for their health. With convenient access to doctors at a transparent price, employees will return to work happier, healthier, and more productive.


No phone calls, waiting, referrals, or network restrictions.


No monthly fee or annual membership. Transparent price with no surprise bills.


Intuitive platform that is accessible from your desktop and mobile devices.


Your Employees No Longer Have to be Limited by Insurance Restrictions

On average, it takes about 21 days to see a doctor. 

So if one of your employees need a specialist, they need to first book an appointment with their PCP to get a referral, then wait an additional 20-30 days to actually see the specialist they need. And that’s only if their issue is solved in the first appointment!

Your employees shouldn’t have to de-prioritize their health. Download our eBook to learn how you can help your employees prioritize their health. Learn how our model can help to:

  • Encourage your employees to find the specialists they need

  • Give you the tools and resources you need to put your employees first 

  • Fill the holes in your current health and benefits offerings with telemedicine, specialized services, and more

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